How Long Should I Take Gynostemma Tea?

“The first wealth is health,” according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, and he is surely right for health is more valuable than any riches a person can accumulate in life. But sometimes most of us do not value our health, and only look after our health when it’s too late. Yet, given a chance, for example, a man who has been emaciated by sickness would surely spend his wealth to regain his health. He would likewise readily take healthy food supplements that would allow him to bring his body back to its prime form.

There is a saying that maintenance is better than repair. In the case of health, taking a daily dose of healthy food supplement while still healthy would be a far better option than taking prescriptive drugs when already sick. The latter is like repairing one’s body when it is already emaciated, while the former is tantamount to maintaining the body regularly. Similarly, if you drink Gynostemma Tea daily, for example, you would surely do yourself a great favor for Gynostemma is known for its many healthful benefits.

Gynostemma as the “Herb of Immortality”

Indigenous to northern Vietnam, southern China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum or what is commonly known as “Jiaogulan” is considered to be a powerful adaptogen and antioxidant. In southern China, it is called the “Herb of Immortality” for it is believed to prolong the life of people.

A census, for example, held in 1970 in southern China, revealed that an unusually great number of centenarians lived in southern China at that time. This finding prompted the Chinese Government to send a team of experts to find the cause of this unusual phenomenon, and the study zeroed in on the fact that most people in southern China at that time consumed Jiaogulan tea daily. In fact, most people in southern China then usually started their day with a cup of Jiaogulan tea and end their day with another cup of Jiaogulan tea. Soon after, a belief developed that if you consume two cups of Jiaogulan tea daily, you would likely live longer.

How Many Cups of Jiaogulan Tea Should You Consume Daily?

Those who have been acquainted with this miraculous herb called “Jiaogulan” and are consuming Jiaogulan daily would surely advise you to take Jiaogulan tea twice a day. Experts in herbal supplements likewise would advise you to imitate the people of southern China and take two cups of Jiaogulan tea daily for optimal effects on your health. However, they would also say that you can drink more glasses of Jiaogulan tea as long as you can bear the taste of Jiaogulan. You can also drink Jiaogulan all throughout your life for Jiaogulan is a powerful adaptogen. As an adaptogen, Jiaogulan has bi-directional effects on your body, bringing back your body systems to their normal levels. Here are two of the known adaptogenic effects of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum:

  • It decreases the cholesterol level in the blood serum when it is high and increases the cholesterol level when it is low.
  • It lowers blood pressure in case of hypertension and increases the blood pressure in case of hypotension.

Although there is a dearth of scientific studies conducted on Jiaogulan at present, considering that Western Medicine is usually averse to Traditional Medicine, the testaments, however, of people who regularly take Gynostemma tea would surely be enough to convince doubters about its health benefits.

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