How to Use Gynostemma Powder?

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is known as one of Asia’s longevity herbs. Its vine grows a cluster but only leaves are used to make tea and supplement pills, and its powder has several uses.

Gynostemma has a short and thin green stem and leaves that are serrated and tear-shaped. It is a perennial climbing vine that goes by several names such as Jiaogulan, blue ginseng, and southern ginseng and cultivated widely in China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, and even in the United States. Although Gynostemma is a member of melon and cucumber family, it has no resemblance with either one. One of the characteristics of the Gynostemma is that it is naturally sweet which can be an alternative to any processed sugar.

The Gynostemma powder is utilized in making medicines because of its incredible healing properties. It is used for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and to improve the heart function. Besides, it also helps strengthen the immune system, increase stamina, resistance, endurance, and prevent hair loss and enhance memory. Moreover, it treats a cough, stomach pain, chronic bronchitis, ulcers, pain and swelling, stress, constipation, obesity, cancer, insomnia, diabetes, and more.  

Besides the health benefits of Gynostemma mentioned above, Gynostemma is known to have rejuvenating properties that help boasts the cardiovascular health and fights certain types of cancer. In fact, it contains vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on our body. It contains calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorous. Many studies support that Gynostemma powder contains a high antioxidant that boosts the activity levels of antioxidative enzymes that protect from ischemic injury resulting from the deprivation of oxygen and glucose in the brain. The great antioxidant found in Gynostemma powder is significant to the treatment and prevention of several diseases such as atherosclerosis, inflammation, and liver disease.

Although the Gynostemma powder is used for many health benefits, no known dosage shows when taking a Gynostemma powder at a certain amount. However, despite the unknown effective dosage, it is recommended to take Gynostemma as a form of tea instead of a capsule with two to four cups of Gynostemma tea daily.

Other people also make a Gynostemma tea with vodka by just adding powder on it. With so many ways to use Gynostemma powder, people also use it to preserve jelly by just adding it to the ingredients. Gynostemma powder can also be used in baked goods. Include a couple of tablespoons fine powder in making cookies, pancakes, cakes, nut bars, pumpkins, smoothies, cereal, juices, shakes, and more.

Recently, there are no found studies about the side effects of ingesting Gynostemma. However, some people experience nausea and increase bowel movements after taking it. There has not any test conducted with Gynostemma, and its interactions with other drugs and no studies reveal that Gynostemma is toxic to humans. In fact, it is widely known to increase immune system, but people who are on immunosuppressant and anticoagulants drugs should avoid Gynostemma because it interacts with blood thinning medications.

Furthermore, pregnant women should avoid it for the reason that it is unsafe for unborn child and link to congenital disabilities. There is no study conducted that reveals the effectiveness of using Gynostemma powder for a specified period. However, many people who have used the powder stated that they notice an immediate effect after taking the powder. Hence, continued use of Gynostemma has a positive impact.

Finally, for people who will take Gynostemma as a supplement or alternative medicine as opposed to traditional medication, it is necessary that it will be with the guidance of a trained professional or physician who knows its effects since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not confirm its medicinal benefits yet.

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