Is Gynostemma Tea Popular in Canada?

The question of whether Gynostemma is popular in Canada is definitely relative to how you define the word “popular.” “Popular” has various connotations, yet, in its strictest sense, “popular” is an adjective that means “widely accepted” or “frequently encountered.” Based on this definition, it is easy to surmise whether Gynostemma is popular in Canada or not.

Are the North Americans Aware of the Existence of Gynostemma?

Gynostemma or Jiaogulan is relatively new to the awareness of North Americans because this herb is not endemic in North America. When I say “endemic,” I mean Gynostemma Pentaphyllum doesn’t grow naturally in the continent, and as such, North America is not the natural habitat of this herb. There may be some people who would dare and succeed in transporting some plant samplings of this herb to North America, but I have some doubts on whether the herb will thrive in the American soils or not. If this is the case, North Americans—if ever they would be desirous of enjoying the healthful benefits of Gynostemma—would surely need to buy its tea and capsule forms online from other countries in Asia, and have these products shipped to America.

Going back to the question of whether Gynostemma is popular in Canada, it would be unlikely that the use of this herb would have already reached a popular level of usage in Canada. The reason for this is that the awareness about this herb is not yet that widespread in Canada. The knowledge about “Jiaogulan” is slowly spreading, yet it has not yet reached that “pandemic” popularity in Canada.

Factors Affecting the Level of Popularity of Gynostemma in Canada

There are many reasons why the knowledge on Gynostemma in Canada is not yet that widespread.

  • First, the herb is not endemic in Canada.
  • Second, there are not many scientific studies on the effectiveness of the herb.
  • Moreover, if there would be good studies and findings on the healthful benefits of the herb, the spread of these findings would surely be stifled by Western Medical Institutions that seem to have a certain incomprehensible aversion to anything that is based on traditional medicine.
  • Most studies on Gynostemma likewise were conducted by Chinese, Russians, Koreans, and Japanese scientists; hence, these studies are more often considered flawed and not subscribing to the strictest rules of scientific studies by Western medical institutions.
  • Furthermore, huge pharmaceutical companies would surely never sponsor or finance a study on Gynostemma, considering the fact that Gynostemma promises not only to be a remedy or a cure but something more than that, i.e., something that would prevent the onset of any kind of diseases.

Gynostemma as the “Herb of Immortality”

Gynostemma is known in China as “Xiancao” or “Immortality” herb. It prevents the onset of sickness by maintaining physiological homeostasis, and if there is balance in the body, no disease will ever develop in the body. Gynostemma maintains balance because of its bidirectional effect on the body. For example, it brings blood pressure to its normal level when the blood pressure is high, and increases it when it is low.

The Increasing Popularity of Gynostemma

Some people in Canada would definitely want something like Gynostemma because it precludes the onset of any disease, and thus, it negates the need for cures and remedies. At present, it may be right to say that Gynostemma is not yet popular in Canada; but soon enough, when Canadians—who have been regularly using it—would begin to see the positive effects of its regular consumption, other Canadians would surely begin to realize that somewhere in the East, an herb called “Gynostemma Pentaphyllum” or “Herb of Immortality” exists and promises to do away with every kind of human diseases.


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