Jiaogulan Tea for Weight Loss Reviews

With the growing popularity of Jiaogulan tea as a weight-loss food supplement, surely it would not be superfluous to predict that soon enough, we would be seeing a lot of reviews on Jiaogulan tea online. It would not take long likewise before we would see some scientific and experiential reviews that would either deny or validate the effectiveness of the regular intake of Jiaogulan tea weight-loss supplement.

Jiaogulan tea is derived from gynostemma pentaphyllum herb, found in Southern China, Vietnam, Thailand, Southern Korea, and Japan. It is not related to ginseng, but it shares common saponins with ginseng. Moreover, Jiaogulan is a powerful adaptogen and has plenty of healthful benefits. But one remarkable benefit that is being explored by many health buffs is its weight-loss property.

The Properties of Jiaogulan that Help in the Weight Loss Process

Some studies on Jiaogulan indicated that it is very effective in reducing bad cholesterol. A study, for example, conducted in a Chinese Medical School has shown that Jiaogulan could indeed lower cholesterol in blood serum. The effects of Jiaogulan on body cholesterol are known to be bidirectional. This means, based on the abovementioned study, that it could decrease LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides; while in turn, it can raise HDL or good cholesterol. Likewise, in a Korean study involving 980 hyperlipemic patients, it was manifested that Jiaogulan’s effectiveness in reducing body cholesterol ranges between 67% to 93%.

Here are some additional properties of Jiaogulan that aid in losing weight:

  • It has adaptogenic properties
  • It improves digestion
  • It revitalizes the body so that it can burn more calories.
  • It manages blood sugar levels.

A Study in South Korea that focused on finding Jiaogulan’s chemical compounds—that are responsible for engendering weight-loss process—zeroed in on the compounds that activate the AMPK energy sensor of the body. The Korean scientists successfully extracted these chemical compounds and developed a concentration of these compounds. They called the extract Actiponin and the components Damulin A and B. They also conducted a clinical trial using 450 mg of this extract on 40 overweight people, while using a placebo on another set of 40 overweight people. The study revealed that Actiponin has a remarkable effect on the weight-loss process of the overweight subjects.

The Unique Gypenosides of Jiaogulan

Jiaogulan, as said earlier, shares some similar saponins with that of ginseng. Some studies have indicated that Jiaogulan has more saponins than ginseng. This finding led some pundits to surmise that Jiaogulan may be better than ginseng in the weight-loss category. Moreover, Jiaogulan, with its 82 saponins, has four times number of saponins than ginseng. These additional components of Jiaogulan are surely beneficial to those who want to improve their calorie-burning capability.

The unique gypenosides of jiaogulan include the triterpenoid saponins. These saponins reduce the water surface tension with foaming and will cause the breakdown of lipids. With the breakdown of more lipids, the body would reduce its fat. Lastly, this breaking down of lipids would then occasion the slimming process for those who would like to lose weight.

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